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Winston-Salem(温斯顿 - 塞勒姆)
Winston Salem (English: Winston Salem), referred to as Wen, is a city in North Carolina. The population of 2000 census was 185776; It grew to 203259 in 2004. It is the capital and largest city of North Carolina and the fourth largest city in North Carolina. It is the most prominent central city at the foot of the mountain and the location of Wachovia bank center, the largest office building in the region. Because tobacco is her pillar industry, she is also known as camel city (derived from camel cigarettes). The largest employer is Wake Forest University Medical Center, with more than 10000 people. The city has five sister cities, located in Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America, Kumasi, Ghana, Africa, ungheni, Moldova, Eastern Europe, Nassau, Bahamas and Yangpu District, Shanghai, China.
温斯顿-塞勒姆(英语:Winston-Salem),简称温,是美国北卡罗来纳州的一座城市。2000年人口普查统计人口18万5,776;2004年成长到20万3,259。她是北卡福赛县的首府和最大的城市,也是北卡州的第四大城。她是山脚区最显著的中心城市,也是该地区最大的办公楼——Wachovia银行中心的所在地。由于烟草是她的支柱产业,所以她也被称为骆驼城(源自骆驼牌香烟)。 最大的雇主是Wake Forest大学医学中心,超过1万人。该市拥有五个友好城市,分别位于南美哥伦比亚的Bucaramanga市,非洲加纳的Kumasi市,东欧摩尔多瓦的Ungheni市,巴哈马Nassau市和中国上海市杨浦区。
Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and Brunswick county and the 45th largest city in the United States. It is called the "city of oaks" because of its large number of oaks. Raleigh was built in 1792, covering an area of 299.3 square kilometers. Population 405791 (2009), including 52% of whites, 30% of blacks and 3% of Asians. Raleigh's industries include banking and financial services, electrical and electronic, communication equipment, medical treatment, clothing, food processing, paper products, drugs, etc. North Carolina State University is located in the city. In February 2007, Raleigh was named the best employment city in the United States by Forbes magazine.
罗利市 [Raleigh]是美国北卡罗来纳州和威克郡(Brunswick County)首府,是美国第45大城市。因有大量橡树而被称为"橡树之城"。罗利1792年建城,面积299.3平方公里。人口405,791(2009),其中白人52%、黑人30%、亚裔3%。罗利的产业包括银行和金融服务、电器电子、通信设备、医疗、服饰、食品加工、纸制品、药品等。北卡罗来纳州立大学位于该市。2007年2月,罗利被福布斯(Forbes)杂志评为美国最佳就业城市。
Waterville (Maine) is a city in kennabeck County, Maine. It is located on the West Bank of kennabeck river. It is known as "elm city", with an area of 36.4 square kilometers. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the population is 15605.
沃特维尔(Waterville, Maine)是美国缅因州肯纳贝克县的一个城市,位于肯纳贝克河西岸,有“榆树城”之称,面积36.4平方公里。根据2000年美国人口普查,人口15605人。
White horse according to the 2011 census, Yukon has a population of 33897, of which 26028 live in the Yukon capital.
English Name: Pangnirtung latitude / longitude: 66 ° 09'n / 65 ° 42'w.
英文名: Pangnirtung 纬度/经度: 66°09'N / 65°42'W。
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